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Agreement with ICO Master Foundation SA
Subject of the Agreement

1. The subject of this Agreement is the provision of services by ICO Master Foundation SA for partners in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Under such services means the possibility of investing financial resources in the marketing proposals developed by employees of Company in order to generate income.

2. Parties of the agreement:

- ICO Master Foundation SA, as the organizer and service provider, hereinafter referred to as the "Company".

- A natural or legal person interested in the services provided by the Company in order to obtain an investment income, hereinafter referred to as the "Partner".

General provisions

1. This Agreement regulates the terms and conditions of business relations between the Company and the Partner, where the Partner carries out targeted financing of the selected marketing offer of the Company, and the Company implements the targeted use of the funds provided and pays the established percentage of income to the Partner.

2. The Company and the Partner recognize the procedure and form of the conclusion of this agreement as an equivalent on legal force with the agreement concluded in writing.

3. Before the services are received, the Partner clearly, fully and unconditionally accepts all the terms of this Agreement. If you don't agree with any provision of the Agreement, the Company invites you to refuse to use its services.

4. The fact of the Partner's consent with all the terms of the Agreement is the registration on the Company's website.

5. The company reserves the right to make any changes and / or additions to the partnership Agreement and on the site without warning of partners.

Rights and obligations of the parties

1. Rights and obligations of the Partner:

A. Only persons who have attained civil legal capacity under the laws of the country of their residence can use the services. All consequences of non-fulfillment of this condition are assigned to the participant.

B. The Partner has the right to choose the Company's marketing offer suitable for him personally, as well as to use a convenient system of making payments from the Company's granted to choose.

C. The Partner has the right to send to the Company his wishes and proposals with the aim of improving the Company's services and activities.

D. The Partner undertakes:

- comply with these conditions in full.

-to read carefully the terms of enrollments and payments;

- to get acquainted with these conditions again at least once in three days;

- not publish offensive messages, libel and other types of communications, spoiling the reputation of the Company.

E. Partner, taking all the terms and conditions of the Company is obliged to comply fully with them and do them. In case of negativity or actions, wich spoil the reputation of the Company, such user will be locked unconditionally without explaining the reasons for it.


2. Rights and obligations of the Company:

A. If the Partner ignores the terms of this Agreement, the Company's administration reserves the right to remove, block or fine the user's account without warning and without explaining the reasons.

B. The Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information of the registered user received from him upon registration.

C. The Company undertakes to provide the Investor with access to the website and personal account, to provide necessary information support, to advise the Investor on emerging issues related to the functioning of the site.

D. The Company is not responsible for possible hacking of accounts. To avoid hacking, you must use complex passwords and not pass them on to third parties.

E. The company is obliged to use the partner's funds only for conducting real activities aimed at preserving and increasing the partner's capital.
F. The company is obliged to make accruals in accordance with the regulations of all investment proposals, as well as partner accruals.

G. The company has the right to block all Partner accounts in the event that it becomes clear that all of his accounts have a referral connection and his actions are aimed at creating multi-accounts, which leads to additional system costs.

H. The company has the right to close one of the investment directions in case of its illiquidity, while informing all participants of the system about it in the established section on the site.

Responsibility and guarantees of the Parties

1. Each Party guarantees the fulfillment of all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In case of violation of any of the clauses of this Agreement, the partner has the right to assert his rights under the current legislation.

2. The Parties are exempted from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of the terms of this agreement in the event of force majeure circumstances, namely fire, flood, earthquake, war or other circumstances beyond the control of the Parties.

3. The Administration of the Company is not liable for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the operation of the site, for temporary failures and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, as well as for the malfunction of the computer from which the Partner accesses the Internet.

Other conditions

1. The invalidity of a part or paragraph (subparagraph) of this Agreement shall not entail the invalidity of all other parts and paragraphs (subparagraphs).

2. The term of this Agreement is established for the entire period of the site's operation, that is, for an indefinite period, and does not imply the deadline for the termination of this agreement.

3. By registering and using the Company's offers, the Partner confirms that he has read, understood and fully accepts the terms of this Agreement.

4. The agreement comes into force from the moment of registration of the Partner on the site.

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